Transformative Tarot & Meditation Circle 6 of Swords

Six of Swords

Embarking on a new journey within


Thank you so much for joining me during Tarot & Meditation Circle on December 7, 2023. 

I feel grateful and nourished embarking with all of you on this new journey. 

You can call on this card “6 of Swords” this coming month whenever you feel like it

I share with you a quick & dirty version of the guided meditations to reflect and interact with the card. Taking the time to slow down, breath and let yourself be surprised by the insights that will come from it.  Your body-mind & soul awareness will be strengthened and your right brain will develop new pathways while meditating with the image of the card. The symbolism and images will awaken your subconsciousness. 

After this particular session I felt a tingling in my fingers. I wanted to write again, from within. my narrative, my personal reflection on the Six of Swords. Narratives are a different way to inspire and open up a different perspective. Writing surely does…  

So you can choose your favourite way of discovering. 

          • Journalling Exercise with a Guidance Card (Quick & Dirty)
          • My narrative about my journey with the Card
          • Transformative Tarot: Circles & Private Sessions

See you at the next Transformative Tarot & Meditation Circle. 

Anne x

Journalling Exercise





Circle Meditation & Journalling Journey

  • Circle Intention Setting
  • Resonance & Meditation Practice: Body & Mind Awareness Practice
  • Invocation of the undercurrent: Journalling, Drawing
  • Closing Circle Meditation

Put your feet on the earth beneath you

go within and breath. 

Circle Intention Setting

My path is clear

My mind is clear

My direction is clear

I connect with like minded people
who love the same things as I do

I am holding the space for the Essence of Me. 

I am holding the space for the Essence your You.

I am holding the space for the Essence of all of Us.”

Anne Konings

-Systemic Narratives- 


- Stirring your right brain

Breath in and out.

Feel your feet on the Earth beneath you.


The very first moment when you interacted with the card

What was your very first thought, feeling, experience …

Was it coming from your mind, heart, body, soul? 

Be aware of all the information. 

With awareness comes choice.


Breath in & Breath out. 

Feel your feet on the Earth beneath you. 

Take a closer look now. 

What do you think, see, feel, sense, experience… 

Where in your body is that particular information residing? 

Welcome all the information, what is brings with it. 

With awareness comes a certain if not possible choice. 



- Invocation of the undercurrent

Create a bit more distance between you and the card

Breath again thru your heart.

And let yourself be taken by the image of the card.

By the narratives it is stirring within you.

Embrace the shadows and the light of the narratives.

Sit with them. Journal, draw, … make them visible.

It is only by acknowledging the healing can start.



- Contemplations & Affirmation

We end the session with a contemplation & an affirmation of the beautiful Sufi Tarot by Ayeda Husain.


What thoughts keep me stuck in the past? 

Where in my life can I sense Divine protection? 


I am ready to heal and move on.

THE SUFI TAROT by Ayeda Husain


Tarot Circle